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During our April Market Intelligence Webinar, Steve provided an update on the current state of the supply chain and to expect continued volatility, certainly in the near to mid-term. Scott Doyle, who filled in for Jeff Rettig, shared that the industry continues to see challenges with transportation and rising wages. Some good news is the additional production we'll see from suppliers in the second half of the year in siding and decking.

Ali Wolf, Chief Economist for Zonda, shared that one in four builders they surveyed said they are not experiencing challenges in the current market. What they also heard from builders is there is still some hesitancy from buyers, but most notably they've seen a shift. Builders stated that they had buyers that were pre-qualified, but because of rising interest rates, they can no longer qualify OR buyers are coming in and they are enthusiastic to buy, but they cannot qualify in the first place. To hear more about current industry trends, please provide some basic information and we will provide you with a recording of the webinar.

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